The devil is in the detail — the 404 error page

The devil is in the detail refers to an idiom to a catch or find a mysterious element hidden in the details. For me, this detail is the crafting of a website that goes beyond just its design.

When building a website for someone, it’s vital to get various things just right — from what technology you use to and how and where these technologies are stored. These bits are often not seen by the public, but in my opinion, it’s just as important to keep it orderly, up-to-date and maintained to ensure a website doesn’t stop working. Ultimately a website can look beautiful but if it’s not working then there’s little point in the beauty.

In the rare cases when a site does stop working, for instance, if a link has gone missing or a page moved,  I like to add a custom 404 Error page.

Incidentally, a 404 error (HTTP 404) relates to a code number used when the Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP was developed back in 1989, and simply means a missing file.

I’ve collected together a few of the custom error pages I’ve created in the last few years, for a web designer, it’s a bit of fun. Yes, I don’t get out a lot.