A design studio in Cambridgeshire that specialises in brand identities, digital design, user experience and interface design.

St Neots based Community Interest Company founded in 2015 to support creatives in Huntingdonshire needed to redevelop their site ready for the next decade.
Kate Moorhouse is a graphic designer with over fifteen years of experience in branding, print and digital design and part of the Slade Design team. A lovely collaboration where Kate designed and then we built her a new site.
A specialist consultancy that works in the social care and housing sector. Their services help organisations deliver social value within care and housing. Branding and digital design development.
An organisation that provides high-quality living accommodation and bespoke care for people who are homeless have learning or physical disabilities, or are struggling with their mental health. Branding development applied to digital platforms and print material.
A two-day music and arts festival in the Cambridgeshire town of St Neots. Held in the town's 80-acre park the festival hosted 120 artists and performers with over 15,000 people attending. Branding applied to print, digital and outdoor media.
A charity that helps residents with their non-emergency tasks such as shopping, collect prescriptions or posting letters. A new website was needed as the organisation grew and took on more projects.
An initiative developed by public relations bodies and agency fox&cat to help people with their mental health. Courses offer professionals working in communications help in dealing with stress, pressure and anxiety. Development of a digital platform for courses and related training material.
Kathryn Rowland is a musician who excels at bringing people together to make music. Since 2011 she has been running a community of choirs in East Anglia with over 200 people a week. A new digital platform for visitors and members was needed for the growing community
Wells & Co have created a state-of-the-art multi-million-pound brewing facility in Bedford. This branding project focused on all aspects of the site covering signage internally and externally, guided tour and merchandise.
Simpact is a socially responsible landlord who owns and manages affordable homes and social housing in 143 local authorities in England and Wales. Brand development and digital platforms were needed as the organisation grew.
Professional ecologist Darren Frost has a passion for the natural world. In his spare time, he's a wildlife photographer under Eco Images. His first website built in 2003 was no longer suitable for high-definition devices so major redevelopment was needed.
A once-in-a-generation capital investment on the Isle of Wight to redevelop the NHS estate. A digital platform was needed to help patients, staff and visitors understand and navigate the changes.
An organisation increasing the number of community-led housing projects in East of England with sites across Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. Their existing Wordpress site was to complex for the team to manage so redevelopment was needed.
A public art project working with young people in the Norfolk town of King’s Lynn to co-create art as a positive response to the climate emergency. Brand development applied to print and digital.
Michael Murfin is an internationally recognised fine artist who paints in the classical European tradition. His work has been exhibited and sold all over the world. A new website that would complement his style and quality was needed.
Civil celebrant Debbie Byrom has switched careers and offering civil services to residents and visitors where she lives in Cornwall. She wanted brand development and a website that combined feminity and tranquillity.
Cambridge Ahead is an organisation that seeks to promote sustainable economic growth and quality of life in Cambridge. Their annual report for 2022 offers a comprehensive update on the projects and initiatives.
A country park in Cambridgeshire covering 150 acres of open grasslands, mature woodland and lakes. Significant investment by the local authority has secured the park for future generations. Campaign development and branding was needed to help promote the project.
Colour My Park is a fold-out map for children and adults to colour in. A collaboration with Huntingdonshire District Council to promote their green spaces and parks and encourage active lifestyles and help residents' wellbeing. Print design of four maps for locations in the district plus digital platforms.
Specialist family-run heating and plumbing firm based in Cambridgeshire have a vibrant brand but were keen to add more personality to their print and digital material. Development of characters of the team and services help bring out the humanity of their business.
St Neots Skatepark is internationally known for its competitions. So when the ramp surfaces needed replacing a group of skateboarders got together and setup a charity so they can raise £100,000 to resurface and revive the ramps in St Neots. Branding and design for digital and print.
Cambridgeshire based charity founded by local volunteers in response to the climate emergency. The group develop ways to use power generated in East Anglia from hydro, solar and wind as a greener viable alternative to fossil fuels.
fox&cat is a virtual agency that offers four key solutions to help in-house or agency comms teams to thrive under pressure — client service and consultancy, training, leadership support and wellbeing. They needed a new digital platform built using their existing design and branding.
Ray Chan is a qualified Chiropractor who's heading out on his own to specialise in helping people with neck, back and spine issues as well as sciatica and sports injuries. He needed branding and a contemporary looking digital platform to help him get clients.
A charity that supports community organisations across Northamptonshire with resources, advice, events and mentoring. An ambitious relaunch of their primary website and membership portals with updated branding and illustrations.
A charity based in Huntingdon with a heritage that goes back nearly 1,000 years and provides grants for individuals, groups and organisations within the town. A new digital platform that also involved moving from paper to digital application forms.
The Devon and Cornwall Care Record brings together patient data into a single system making it easier for staff to access health and medical history from GP practices, hospitals and hospices. Branding development for digital and print.
A directory for the groups and organisations St Neots that have a social or community impact. The largest market town in Cambridgeshire has a vibrant community of businesses and organisations focused on residents. A searchable database was needed to provide easy access to the vast information on offer.
Long Covid Service
A new NHS service for residents in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough who are experiencing breathlessness resulting from the long-term effects of Covid-19. Development of branding, applied to print and digital material to support the service delivery.
A King's College London research project that looks at helping people with learning disabilities feel at home in their group accommodation. An accessible, easy-to-understand digital platform was needed to showcase the work, events, and resources.
An Edinburgh-based biotechnology company that develops medicines for the treatment of cancer needed a new brand and digital platform to showcase its modern approach to research. A bold and simple design highlights their new direction.
Nathan Whitbread helps individuals with various conditions such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism, Tourette's and ADHD. His coaching, training and assessments help neurodivergents with their everyday tasks at work. Branding and digital development for a clear and accessible website.
Delivering insight and strategy, Blue Lozenge supports healthcare leaders, NHS providers and suppliers to the industry. The consultancy needed an identity and branding, applied to digital platforms that was both professional and modern.
A community magazine in Milton Keynes that has been supporting local organisations for the last 15 years needed a digital platform that would complement their print version and focus on stories instead of advertising. We translated their branding to be used online and built a simple website.
Bewick Homes build high-quality properties in locations across the home counties and Cambridgeshire, providing bespoke finishes for their customers. They needed a new digital platform and a redesigned logo to match the level of excellence.
Professional graphic designer and illustrator Carli Pfurtscheller has been part of our team for the last two years and has been gradually growing a portfolio of highly creative work. She needed a website that would showcase the key projects.
A three-year project that will create a lasting legacy of wildlife habitats in East Anglia, specifically along a stretch of the Great River Ouse called the Old West River. Identity and brand creation and development applied to digital and print.
A new service from the NHS that supports patients on waiting lists by offering access to classes and sessions that will support emotional, physical or mental wellbeing. Brand development and digital design were needed to kick-start the trial service.
Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Parks Partnership aims to create a vision and sustainable future for the parks and public open spaces across the county. The development of an innovative-looking website was needed to showcase the project and its work.
As the term global pandemic became a common phrase in 2020 economies halted, recovered and adapted. What we are left with is a new era of how people will choose to live and work. Cambridge Ahead have been researching this new era and needed some illustrations to represent their work.
Newly qualified nutritionist Anna Earl is passionate about health and wellbeing. When she decided to change careers and help people who lead busy lives with their health she needed a website that was professional and modern.
Creative Assistants Agency is a brand new diary service representing TV, film and press assistants across the UK. They needed a modern and funky design with a simple robust interface for clients to quickly find the right person for the job. The final design is functional and creative and sets a new standard for hiring assistants.
Innovative award-winning practice Devlin Architects have many years of experience and expertise and their website needed refreshing, updating the style based on their branding, adjusting the structure to help visitors find projects and adding new projects.
London-based photographer Calum Morrison has a diverse and creative portfolio and needed a website that helped promote his work. A clean design matched with geometric and distinctive typeface Cy gives the site a modern look.
Antenatal and postnatal specialist Louise needed a friendly and feminine identity and website to help her support families through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Modern illustrations and a subtle colour palette has brought the brand to life.
A business and community-led initiative that aims to reduce the carbon emissions by 2030 in the Cambridgeshire market town of St Neots. A fresh and striking identity was needed for digital platforms and outdoor media.
This independent funeral directors with offices across Cambridgeshire dares to be different, from an open and honest pricing policy, to personal approach and tailored service. They needed a modern and clear website that captured these values.
Breaking some of the stereotypes of the Internet of Things. A new look for an innovative developer of smart connected devices. Branding applied to both print and digital to help grow their business.
A collection of brand identities from the last few years that have been developed for a range of clients, from start-ups to small and medium-sized business. Some are redesigns whilst others are from scratch.
Non-profit organisation Cambridge Ahead represents businesses, stakeholders and its residents right across the city of Cambridge. They commissioned a series of illustrations for a housing project to be used at an annual conference and on marketing material.
During the pandemic that started in 2019 one of the thriving sectors has been home improvement and construction. Gloucester-based home renovation company were looking for a simple brand and website that would help them stand out from the other local firms.
Cambridgeshire building company Milk & 2 Sugars needed a new website and branding. We developed an innovative-looking website that breaks the rules within the building sector and will certainly stand out from the crowd.
Specialist IT consultant Scott Manning has been developing systems that help communities and charities. He recently decided that by having a website he could offer his help to more people and needed a simple site to promote his work.
Suffolk-based civil celebrant Rebecca Waldron was after a refresh to her branding and the development of a new website. We developed an elegant and colourful brand and the final website layout combines femininity with a modern look and feel.
An international mental-health and well-being charity needed a new identity and website. Their decade-old website was no longer fit for purpose so working directly with their director, advisory group and developer for digital and print channels.
Business mentor, writer and collaborator Ann Hawkins needed her personal blog re-styled and reorganised. A vibrant and contemporary design was developed that clearly structures the posts to make it easier to navigate and read.
artist website
Artist and textile designer, Hilary Murfin needed a new website to showcase a series of new work for an upcoming exhibition. A simple, interactive and easy to use site was needed with big bold typography.
A marketing consultancy who specialise in helping food and drink brands succeed, having previously worked with the client they now needed a redesign to their website to compliment the growing list of projects.
hunts forum
A charity in Huntingdonshire that helps voluntary and community groups thrive. A key project to update its brand and website to create a professional and friendly feel.
A 24-acre private estate with a 16th century manor house and formal gardens all make this Bedfordshire wedding venue unique. What it needed was a new brand applied across digital, print, signage, livery and uniforms.
kate hempsall
For a public relations and communications consultant who specialises in promoting brands, it's vital their own brand is creative and professional. Kate Hempsall needed a website design that did just that.
As a part of a global network of intelligence organisations funded by government agencies who tackle crime in the fishing industry, it was essential they have a strong brand identity.
A bold brand for an international telecoms provider. When the clients asked for Monty Python meets corporate sector a balance was found that stands out above their competitors.
maciek platek
Cambridgeshire-based photographer Maciek Platek has flawless portfolio that covers interiors and architecture, portraits and food. He needed a way to showcase and promote his work and process.
A small independent craft beer shop that is keen to stand out need an identity and website. Collaborating with illustrator Cat Goddard, the result is a simple functional site that helps showcase other independent brewers.
A specialist in training police forces in the highly complex world of digital forensics. It was clear that their new website needed to be equally as professional with course scheduling being the key feature.
Kick-starting a dormant, disconnected creative community in Cambridgeshire's largest town. Working with four tiers of local government, residents, businesses and academia to benefit the community.
support cambridgeshire
Unifying the community groups and organisations in Cambridgeshire to help them strengthen and grow by providing a single place to find advice and guidance.
st neots museum
A museum telling the 1,000-year story of the largest market town in Cambridgeshire. Major brand development and digital application to help engage a younger audience.
cameron law
The unmistakably clever work by Scottish illustrator Cameron Law has featured in The Times, The Guardian and Vanity Fair to name a few. A new website was needed to showcase both static and animated work.
Self-taught horticulturist Tim Neill has been designing gardens whilst studying for an RHS Diploma. His business grew to a point where it needed professional branding and a website. Using a simple organic colour palette and simple imagery we created a classic brand with longevity.
A 144-page pocket-sized book designed for Life Squared. Part of a series of self-help printed books, brochures and leaflets designed to help us navigate our complex world where you are bombarded daily with a wide range of powerful messages.
natural cambridgeshire
Biodiversity, ecosystems, pollution and environmental quality. Raising the profile of the Local Nature Partnership in Cambridgeshire through their digital platforms.
Family run contractors to the water industry who specialise in the refurbishment and maintenance of reservoirs and water towers were looking for a modern brand and website to showcase their work.