We are a small team of specialists who have created 242 websites, 161 logos, 42 brand identities and 48 animations.

Richard Slade

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A graphic designer, front-end developer, lecturer, animator and social entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in the industry working in public, private and charity sectors with some of the top names in design. Richard has been building brand identities, developing websites, creating animations, designing fonts and connecting communities, all since he left university in 1997.

Sandra Stroppel

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A multilingual graphic designer from Germany and now living in the UK. Sandra has a background in international marketing and a creative approach that focuses on both the conceptual and the aesthetic, incorporating innovative ideas and lateral thinking to create customer-focused communication. Sandra is fluent in German, English, French and Spanish.

Kate Moorhouse

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A graphic designer with over ten years experience who can create considered, meaningful designs for print and digital. Kate’s background in direct marketing combined with interior design means each design is simple, thoughtful and designed for a purpose.

Adrian Storey

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A video production expert, award-winning filmmaker and photographer with over 20 years experience working in Europe and Asia. Adrian has developed a unique style of storytelling in an eclectic range of subjects, combined with his skill in motion graphics and visual effects.

Carli Hall

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A highly creative graphic designer with a degree in Graphic Communication. After a ten year career in logistics management for Nokia, Samsung and Vodafone Carli decided that it was time to retrain and follow her real passion. Thanks to her unusual career path and skillset, she brings both creative thinking and organisational skills from working in senior management.