North Atlantic Fisheries Intelligence Group

Inter-agency and international cooperation to fight crime in the fisheries sector.

Inspired by the five great oceans of the world, we helped create a brand for a new international co-operation initiative that was set up to combat financial crime in the fisheries industry.

The initiative operates across the land and sea borders of its member countries, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, The Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The aim is to improve international cooperation and act as a conduit for tactical and strategic intelligence sharing between member agencies to combat and deter financial crime in the fisheries sector (which includes sea fishing, freshwater fishing and aquaculture).

Trustworthy and clear

Brands are important to people. We put our faith in their products and services and expect a consistent outcome. So when we were commissioned to design an identity for a public sector brand it was vital that it had to be trustworthy and clear. The brief was simple — create an honest identity for a group that fights crime in the North Atlantic region.

An identity with meaning

The North Atlantic Fisheries Intelligence Group understand their role in the fight against global fishing crime. The identity we developed would help the group get that message across to their counterparts and stakeholders across the globe. Inspired by the five oceans of the world we created a set of ocean blocks that would be used in the group’s communication material. From this set, the body of water the group provides intelligence on is used in their logo. The globe element simply gives it context.

Comprehensive brand guidelines were then developed to be used by internal staff and external organisations for online channels and printed communication. A key feature of these guidelines demonstrates how the ocean blocks are used and how they can be used to add vibrancy to complex technical reports and papers. The brand has been slowly rolling out since 2017 across print channels.